Artist Statement

Anne Lamott writes, “We are a species that needs and wants to understand who we are.” Exploration of existential questions is what motivates me as a literary artist. Blending fiction, reflection and experience, I employ elements of my own life as a means of examining the inner psyche, creating characters whose struggles are informed by my own. Each work is a stepping stone to understanding one’s nature and that of others. In the end, if I can repair parts of myself through the power of story, perhaps I can help others can do the same.

From essays and short fiction to installation and performance, my multi-disciplinary artistic practice centers on topics of identify, family, self-image and aging, as well as a heartbreaking enchantment with relationships of all kinds.

Inspired by the backdrops of journey and place, my writing is grounded with a rich tactile sensibility and passionate characters who search at home and across the world for acceptance, love and ultimately, themselves. Unveiling truths both bitter and sweet, my work explores what it means to be human.


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