My subscribers (love you!) will have noticed a change starting today in the look and feel of what was once With the official kick-off of Hidden City Diaries, I’ve rebranded things a bit —including the name of the site— and added a Facebook page to build community around my new project. (The old web address still leads you here, in case you’re wondering.)

A photo shoot at King Street Station on MLK Day with my generous and talented friend, Nick Spang, was a key component of this transformation, which includes updated Gravatar and header images, a new portrait, and some fun in-action shots that were too good not to share. Next month, we’ll meet again to record video clips for my Kickstarter campaign as I learn my way around iMovie.

One thing that won’t change is the writing.

Throughout the course of 2012, I’ll post weekly essays as always, but I’ll also take you on the road with me as I travel. We’ll start out by exploring Nashville in April and Boston in May, during which I’ll post daily writing and photos much like I did when I was in Civita.

By following along, you’ll get to read my book in its draft form before anyone else does — and before I step back to mash-up these adventures into a cohesive story after our adventures are complete. I hope that you’ll participate as things come together by sharing comments and feedback, by suggesting connections in the cities I plan to visit, and by sharing stories of your own.

You’ll find new experiential goodies in the form of podcasts, which I hope to post while on location, technology permitting. Over the next couple of months, I’ll receive voice training from Jack Straw and practice my recording techniques — an adventure all on its own.

Look for updates regarding Seattle-area readings at Elliott Bay Books and Seattle Public Library, which will unite me with the other 2012 Jack Straw Writers, beginning with events in May.

With that, stay tuned for much more — and thank you for joining me this far. Adventure lies ahead!