Since very ancient times, storytelling has provided a path to everlasting life. Epic tales granted immortality to heroes and commemorated significant events and lessons. Passed along in layers from generation to generation, these stories continue to bridge the gaps of time, memory and history.

 With this fellowship project, what I propose goes a step beyond merely preserving the idea or memory of Civita. Knowing the power of sensory and emotional experiences, I will focus on creating a living encounter that can be seen, heard, spoken—and even touched, smelled and tasted. My work with Civita will invoke meaning on many levels, some esoteric and others concrete. I hope to employ that meaning to enrich and change the way we think about, design for, and develop our cities in the Pacific Northwest.

This documentation starts with my collection of essays and literary reflection that will form the backbone of a promotional campaign. The result will be a living dialogue and an open invitation from NIAUSI to learn about Civita, share responses and feedback, and find ways to influence our urban development practices in real time—an integrated layering that appeals not only to designers and planners, but also to students, artists, residents, business owners, scientists, urban farmers, and the arts community.

I look forward to planting the seeds of this dialogue in Seattle and encouraging them to bloom when I reach Italia.