The Beginning (L’inizio)

My work is based on the belief that preserving these authentic layers of the past with the present is absolutely essential because they form a foundation for the future—whether you’re in Civita, Rome, Paris, or Seattle.

Something special happens when time brings these elements together to form modern cities. It can be challenging to describe or assign a monetary value to the palimpsest of people, nature and the built environment, yet we cannot deny the deep sense of gravity we feel upon encountering places rich with human history.

What I hope to achieve through my work is a very personal, experiential tale told through the form of essays and shared over meals that helps us better understand what It means to live in time-honored places: to explore where we can thoughtfully contribute our own layers and how we can leverage the intersection of the past and the present to set a foundation for those who will come after us.

This foundation is not only about buildings, neighborhoods, cities, or streets, but is equally focused on people, dialogue, culture, ritual—and, of course, food.


One thought on “The Beginning (L’inizio)

  1. Brava Gabriela,

    Mi piace questa blog! Mai mi piace un prenotazione di cena anche piu! Andiamo a ristorante italiano sta sera? Tulio e molto elegante e discretto…

    Don Verde

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